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Kakushin Airdrop

KAKUSHIN Ecosystem is the key, to unlock the doors of immense opportunities and potential by creating an ecosystem necessary for seekers, researchers, innovators, developers, and inventors.
$146 250/  $146 250
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.5

They are rated with 4.6 on ICObench but only from the bot. They have a smaller team of 5 persons but a good whitepaper. However there are a few small red flags like a non-responding team, no terms and conditions (at least the link is broken) which is essential for any ICO, no e-mail address.

The airdrop has a good value with more than $5 and is claimed in less than two minutes.

We took the pre-sale token price of $0.009. The price goes up to $0.06 ($36 fo 600 tokens) in the main sale. Therefore the tokens might be even worth more. On the other hand are the bonuses ridiculous high which may end in a big dump after the first exchange listing of all pre investors.

Listed since early stage

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