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IP Chain Airdrop

IP Chain is airdropping 30 IPC tokens for completing some easy tasks.
$114 790/  $114 790
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $15

IPChain is a public chain which had been open source , it is committed to global asset tokenization, serving the real economy and enterprises, specifically for the token economy. IPChain implement mapping assets to blockchain with easily and efficiently way and creatively achieve its liquidity. IPChain is the first innovative commercial blockchain application platform based on UTXO model in China. Through the technological innovation at the bottom of the blockchain, namely the world's first efficient DPOC consensus mechanism, the UTXO transaction model is tailored for asset innovation, the development of an efficient key algorithm system and optimization of P2P network protocols, provide a safe and efficient channel for the commercialization and practical application of the token economy. IPChain not only has security based on the UTXO transaction model, but also fully supports the scalability of various smart contracts.

Listed since early stage

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