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International Science Hub Airdrop

ISH is a decentralized scientific platform that is aimed at increasing the availability, quality and speed of scientific developments by creating a bridge between the specialist and the customer.

ISH consists of a team of 10, 3 of which are from the core team and the other 7 are part of the advisory board. Even though we like what this project has to offer in terms of science, we were not able to rate this above 4 stars due to the team being small, the whitepaper is also not as detailed as we would have expected. Nevertheless, we won't take anything away from the project being genuine, we just feel there's a lot of work to be done in order for ISH to hit their road-map.

Airdrop is fairly to sign up via the Telegram bot. Completion of all tasks and you can earn over $70 worth of tokens.

Listed since early stage

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