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INS is developing a platform to enable direct interaction between brands and consumers. Reaching the next generation audience via data-driven mass personalisation. The team consists of a large global collective of professionals with solid industry experience.
$93 600/  $93 600
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.6

If you haven't signed up for this Airdrop, we highly recommend you to do so! INS is already listed on 7 exchanges some of which include Binance and KuCoin. Another thing which is extremely and reassuring for potential investors is the supply, there are only 50,000,000 tokens available to purchase, therefore providing a larger demand to accumulate this token. Both the Whitepaper and team behind the development look fantastic. The sign-up process is fairly straightforward, we don't expect this airdrop to last long so I'd advise you to do so ASAP.

Listed since early stage

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