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Homebloc Airdrop

Homebloc exchange is a smart-contract platform that offers global trading 24/7 using blockchain technology to serve and create synergies between two related industries: Residential Real Estate and lodging, plus hotel booking.
$108 000/  $108 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.4

Homebloc is a smart contract platform for rental and property ownership trading. Users can generate and search for ERC-721 tokens that represent rental and property information in an ecosystem. The leasehold equity is transformed from an inefficient booking and cancellation experience to a free-selling model. Based on possession of the platform tokens and credit scores generated by reviews on Homeblocs ecosystem; benefits are allocated to users to further raise credit scores, promoting the system. The role of consumers changes from traditional consumers to investors of the platform. Homebloc will incorporate the use of IOT (Internet of Things) technologies into the ecosystem by way of blockchain smart locks so the rental experience is autonomous, seamless and cost saving.

Listed since early stage

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