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HEdpAY (ecxx) Airdrop

HEdpAY is airdropping some HDP tokens for completing some easy social media tasks. A reward pool of 10,000 HDP will be distributed evenly among all qualified members.
$115 788/  $115 788
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : N/A

Hedpay has been created to be the first and most authoritative financial institution enabling users to transfer their fiat money (euros, pounds, dollars, etc.) in crypto quickly and safely, using the following services: current account, debit card, Exchange. Hedpay gives investors exclusive opportunities: creating their own blockchain, helping entrepreneurs developing new projects (ICO) following detailed protocols, selecting only the best projects in order to preserve investors, evaluating currencies already included in the market. Hedpay is one of the first to be creating investment funds in crypto, in order to maximize profits minimizing losses. Users will spend Hedpay both in ecommerce and in brick-and-mortar stores through our exclusive POS system, exchanging it easily and instant in fiat money.

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