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HashNet BitEco Airdrop

HNB mission is to design a Blockchain based economic operation mechanism for a closed-loop economic entity. HNB believes that economic incentives, when transparent and properly implemented, will motivate people to be both active and good participants in the economic entity, if those incentives can be earned throughout the various processes that run this entity, powered by the communities own members. This strengthens the participation and creativity of participants while at the same time allowing the entity to become more dynamic and scalable. The open and vigorous governance mechanism, various business partners, large enough base of users, and the latest technologies help to establish a global self-evolution and self-development HNB economic entity. Based on the next generation of Blockchain technology, HNB team is confident and committed to grow its business entity into one of the largest decentralized economic communities in the world.
$20 000/  $20 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1

Create an account and Verify your mail or phone number.
Email your HotBit log-in account names (phone numbers or email addresses) to [email protected]
You will receive 10 HNB tokens.
For more details, visit this Announcement Blog:

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