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Another great airdrop for today, Cocoricos' airdrop hunters can now participate in the Global Gaming airdrop and earn up to 2,500 GMNG tokens that are equal to 25 USD. All you have to do is complete some easy social media tasks such as Twitter follow, Twitter retweet, Facebook fan page like, joining their Telegram channel and voting for their Binance Exchange Listing Proposal, make sure you submit your details in the Airdrop Form to be eligible for the drop.
GMNG tokens are ETH ERC20 tokens with a total supply of 5,000,000,000 GMNG tokens at a price of 0.01$ per GMNG token. GMNG will be used for the financial reward paid to third-party developers for their games.

Global Gaming is an interesting project that is focused on eSports, they are a global online community of gamers. Users on Global Gaming can play tournaments and win prize money, player perks, membership benefits, and various cryptocurrency rewards.

With Global Gaming payment solutions, players are able to create bet, rules and provide liquidity for payouts and all of that is possible thanks to the smart contracts of Global Gaming blockchain. Their official and primary token is GGC and it serves for a digital currency where users can use it to purchase in-shop purchases, cash giveaways, in-game coin drops, etc.

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