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Another great and worthy airdrop today for Cocoricos' airdrop hunters to claim, today you can participate in the GLBrain airdrop by completing some easy social media tasks like joining their Telegram group, liking their official Facebook fan page and submitting your entry in their Telegram bot for verification and earn some GLB tokens. You can earn up to 50 GLB tokens in worth of 5$ by completing their social media tasks. The GLB token is an ETH token type, make sure you submit your correct information on their Telegram bot chat so you can be eligible for the airdrop.

GLBrain is an interesting project that solves the major social media networks and e-commerce platform problems that are present in the current available platforms. GLBrain claims to be the next generation online community management, social network, and online marketing platform. They seem to have some unique features for managing private business and for online communities, they also gonna launch their IEO soon. They currently have three cool features such as:
GLBrain: Where you can present yourself and manage your online community.
GLMail: An online mall for your private or business needs.
GLBrain myLife: Communication in all languages and sharing to all social networks.

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