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GigTricks Airdrop

GigTricks is the world's leading emarketplace with headquarters in Dubai for ecommerce Entrepreneurs and Freelance Professionals.
$99 450/  $99 450
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.7

Good project with a big 20+ person team and a huge 60-page whitepaper. The airdrop is also decent and fast to claim. We only don't like that the personal data are available publicly but at least they have blacked out the e-mails. And you have the be active in their Telegram (2-3 posts a week). Last but not least. They have a marketcap of $248M which is very high. Therefore the tokens might be worth less.

Be aware: Your data will be publicly available on this spreadsheet. They blacked out the e-mails which is great

If we assume 100,000 participants (because of the long duration) everyone will receive tokens worth about $3.

Listed since early stage

I hereby declare the following: