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FxPay [Round 2] Airdrop

FXP is a gateway solution which will unify the Ecosystem and Forex industry based on the blockchain technology.
$122 850/  $122 850
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.1

After the success of FXP's Airdrop R1, they have decided to launch the next round with a few additional tasks into the mix. Participants from the first round are still able to take part, if you have already completed the tasks, the only other way for you to gain additional tokens would be through referring but again that's optional.

FXP managed to generate just under $5M USD during their private sales. The Pre-ICO round 4 is ongoing and will end within the next 2 weeks, a bonus of 9.5% has been included for the individuals who wish to purchase the tokens, this offer will not be available in future rounds. FxPay currently has a working product and is already listed on plenty of FX exchanges, alongside this they have established partnerships with prominent brokers.

Listed since early stage

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