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Fuse Airdrop

Earn DAIp tokens today!
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Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1

Today we have another great airdrop thanks to the Fuse project where our airdrop hunters can participate and claim 100 DAIp tokens that are equal to 1 USD for completing some easy tasks such as downloading Fuse app on Android or iOS and signing up with their mobile number on the app. Users will have to create a wallet and wait for a pop up showing "Pending 100 DAIp (1$) Bonus". Their DAIp tokens are built on their own blockchain and the current price per 1 DAIp token is 0.01$.
Note: Due to heavy traffic on Signup's your pending DAIp will take some time to get converted into Confirmed DAIp.

Fuse helps users to create products that are powered by decentralized finance without scaring the users. Fuse is a open source project that connects everyday payments to the blockchain without compromising on user experience and their info.

Some of their amazing features are:
- Self service
- Non-custodial
- Web 3.0 enabled
- Ethereum based

Thanks to their app you can use your Fuse wallet and deposit money straight to your dapp with no custody. You can also collect fees from the users in various currencies. User data is secured and is privately stored on user devices with no centralized servers.

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