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FoxTrading round 2 Airdrop

With FoxTrading you can copy their investments and get your own profit while you're enjoining you free time. There are already some competitors like Covesting in this segment.
$99 450/  $99 450
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.7

Important UPDATE: You have to invest to unlock the tokens you earned (per 0.1 ETH you unlock 50 tokens)

Because of the above downgraded from 4 to 1 star

The team, website and whitepaper looks solid. Their last airdrop was finished in less than a day. Here's your second chance to get tokens.

According to a token price of $0.68 the 5 FOXT for each referred person are worth about $3.4. With a total supply of only 10M tokens they rate themselves at $6.8M which is really fair. A competitor Covesting has a market cap of about $13M but they also launching their Beta in a week.

Listed since early stage

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