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FluzFluz Airdrop

FluzFluz - your premier seat on top of the global consumer network - make money helping other save. Already working product, active community and proven cash-back payouts! More than 200 cash-back partners including global top brands.

FluzFluz already has a working product which is currently being used on a daily basis by over 40,000 users. FluzFluz is everywhere on the media right now, it has been listed on several news and media channels and is the first Latin ICO to receive TV coverage. The concept itself is very unique and the website is extremely informative if you wish to look into this project. The whitepaper is extremely detailed and both a summary (20 pages) and the full whitepaper (87 pages) can be viewed online. The team behind the development of this project has substantial experience in their respective fields. We wish them all the best.

Listed since early stage

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