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The whitepaper may be long but it's bad formatted and it cointains no team, no contact data and no sources which isn't very professional. The same applies to their website. Good but not good enough for such a large and experienced team, this looks more like a drag & drop toolkit website. And then the team. No linkedIn links and our research team couldn't find any of the person through our image reverse search. Very suspicious. So we digged deeper and here are the real red flags: 1) Their medium, Reddit and ANN consits only of the post for the airdrop 2) They everywhere only talk about the airdrop and not about the tech 3) They only have one Telegram Channel (announcement not group) and Twitter which is also a big sign for a fake 4) We checked the whitepaper and it actually only consists of bullsh*t 5) Acutally a lot of their links which should show us more technical details don't work 6) No token address available All in all here's what we believe: A pretty good fake!
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