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Equiten Airdrop

Equiten is an exciting concept providing crypto-backed loans, instant international fiat transfers and credit cards to customers globally.

Every time you spend with the Equiten Card, you will be given interbank exchange rates without markups or fees.

There have been many of these as of recent, trying to achieve the goal of ensuring that we are able to transact crypto in the real world.

Equiten in our opinion is unique. Their 'black card' product really did impress us and the ICO in general looks to be a great success.
The team's transparency and diverse experience from multiple industries is sure to make this project a huge success. This will not be the last time we here about Equiten!

The team have been generous with this airdrop and at the end of the ICO, hope to see the token at $2 for each EQU. That's a potential $1000 for this airdrop! We wish the team all the best for a bright future ahead.


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