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Elepig Airdrop

Creating a trusted and simple platform for Cryptocurrency and making the purchase of alt coins as easy and secure as online banking.
$134 550/  $134 550
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.3

We listed this airdrop already a few days ago on the website with a slight worse rating. However we had a conversation with the founder and he explained the project to us very well and was able to dispel the doubts we had. Like the name "Elepig". We didn't liked it because it seemed a little too playful for a serious exchange. The elephant and the pig are both feng shui symbols of wealth, prosperity and hard work. So it's not just a random name and to be honest it's a name you don't forget which is actually brilliant. We don't want to go in detail about every aspect but the team is very nice and we have the feeling they work really hard to achieve their goal.

The value of the airdrop is very good as well and quite easy to complete. All in all a decent project and it deserves 4 stars.

Listed since early stage

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