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$120 000/  $120 000
Airdrop finished
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Today we have another great and worthy giveaway for our airdrop hunters thanks to the DeFi Yield Protocol where our users have a chance of earning some ETH coins for completing some easy social media tasks such as:
- Visit the DeFi Yield Protocol Bounty page and read carefully
- Join DYP's official Telegram group and leave at least one constructive comment per week. Talking about the bounty campaign in the project chat group will lead to immediate disqualification from the campaign and an instant ban from the official chat group. Please ask your bounty-related questions in the bounty group
- Join their DYP bounty group
- Start participating in the different bounty campaigns. Its not required to participate in all the campaigns
- Fill out the authentication form to join this bounty

Note: The Airdrop/Bounty is worth $50,000 Giveaway in ETH for holders who own a minimum 100 DYP, and total Bounty campaign Pool is worth 200 ETH.

The DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) project is developing a unique platform that allows anyone to provide liquidity and to be rewarded with DYP tokens, at the same time maintaining both token price stability and secure and simplified DeFi for end users. DYP is fully developed and backed by an Ethereum Mining Farm with a 35 GH/s hash rate.

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