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DatEat Airdrop

DatEat is the worlds first ever dating platform that integrated the power of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and AI engine to create an intelligence, transparent, secure and compatible environment for users around the world.

DatEat is one of the most popular ICO's in the market right now. Over 100,000,000 DTE tokens have been sold through the private and public sales, the project has received an excellent response from the majority of rating platforms available, a list is provided on the DatEat website. DatEat has over 10 partners and has a working product which is available to download via the App Store & Google Play.

DatEat consists of a team of 20 members including the advisory board. All of which have extensive experience in their respective fields and blockchain. We have seen many projects with similar concepts in the past, majority of which have gone on to succeed and we have the same feeling about DatEat.

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