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CryptoLeaf Airdrop

CryptoLeaf was founded after years of working in management and the investment industry. Too many innovative and visionary solutions to world environmental problems, go unnoticed in the traditional financing world based primarily on institutional investors.
$140 400/  $140 400
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.4

CryptoLeaf hopes to use cryptocurrency and smart contract technology, alongside helping businesses and entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful organisations. We want to help fund and guide businesses to their success. With the creation of LEAF, CryptoLeaf wants to provide everyone on the planet the opportunity to support and fund environmental companies, initiatives and projects.

The airdrop is fairly straightforward, the tasks are optional therefore the more you complete the more tokens you are able to gain. If you decide to complete them all you will receive 25 LEAF tokens which are valued at $5.

Listed since early stage

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