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Today we have another great airdrop from the Contract Servant game project where our airdrop hunters can claim it and earn sweet ETH tokens. To earn ETH you will have to download their app for Android or iOS, register an account and create your KeyStore backup and you will be eligible to receive 0.003 ETH that are equal to 0.85 USD on your wallet. Contract Servant are celebrating their game launch and they plan to reward the first 10,000 people with a total of 30 ETH (0.003 ETH per one eprson for the first 10,000 people). Ethereum is a ERC20 token type with a total supply of 109,755,215 ETH tokens and the current price of one ETH token is 282 USD.

Contract Servant is a trading card game that is built and running on the Ethereum blockchain, a platform made up of distributed applications and smart contracts. The Contract Servant game allows its user to trade their cards online, they also offer a marketplace and upgrades off-chain for a user friendly game environment.
Note: contract Servant only runs in browser with MetaMask extension installed or in browsers that have wallets installed, they have supported and recommended browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

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