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BLOC Platform Airdrop

BLOC platform provides high quality and standardized impact fund service where investors will have the opportunity to invest in top impact funds, not only to obtain considerable returns, but also to create global social benefits.
$112 500/  $112 500
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.5

MDAB token is being traded onBinance Dex.BLOC Platformwill join forces with a number of well-known fund institutions to launch multiple funds, including Bamboo Capital Partners, UNDP, etc.

BLOCverify impact claims on the Blockchain and provide transparency for their investors and beyond. They analyze and track the investments digitally and investors have access to venture details, as well as the key performance indicators. Theyuse data-driven key performance indicators to measure the financial, social and environmental returns of the investments.

Listed since early stage

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