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Bitzoom is an online games platform that provides contract-trading based on digital assets.
$99 000/  $99 000
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Estimated Value : $2.2

Bitzoom provides an option trade platform where traders can make good profits by option trading cryptocurrencies regardless of the current situation in the market. Different from futures trading, traders in option trading do not have to worry about liquidation, and dont need a margin.You can get huge profits in the short term. You will be able to trade not only Long positions but also Short positions, which will allow you to make a profit even in a bear market. Now you can depend on a bear market to help you make money.Best known for its option, Bitzoom allows multiple orders before the purchase time, so you can hedge your risk in a timely manner. Bitzoom make you be able to take option trading, which is the ability to multiply your position (and profit) up to 200x in 5 minutes. Leveraging will make it easier to achieve the expected profit. Crypto derivatives are essentially bets on whether the price of cryptocurrency is going to go up or down. And for investors who dream of winning big, the best platform for placing those trades are Bitzoom.

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