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Airpod [Tokendrops] Airdrop

Airpod improves the travelers experience by building a unit to Relax, Work, Sleep and Have fun in complete privacy while waiting in transit.
$38 132/  $38 132
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.2

A 64-pages detailed whitepaper with a 20 person experienced team with an high value airdrop.

We like the on the tokendrops platform and we encourage you to sign up there because you can get a lot of easy free tokens with really less effort. It normally takes less than 1 minute per airdrop.

One challenge for Airpod in our eyes is to give the token a suitable use case so it is needed because we believe this is a project which could also work without blockchain but we don't know all their plans.

Listed since early stage

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