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AcuteCoin Airdrop

A rock solid, user-focused platform that offers unparalleled flexibility between blockchain based digital assets and traditional Markets. The sustainable ecosystem that will reward all its members.

The whitepaper contains less info than the websites from other projects. The 7 person team seems OK but they currently only have one advisor. We are no market experts and this is no financial advise but we don't see a great future for this project. They even didn't sold a single coin so far.

The airdrop takes a few minutes but the value in return is quite good. Officially $60, however we think it'll be worth only $30 because they give up to 100% when buying tokens and we took that pre-sale price of $0.6 instead of the main sale price of $1.2.

Even with a high airdrop value we can't give more than 2 stars because if no one buys the tokens they worth nothing.

Listed since early stage

I hereby declare the following: